Sport and Physical Activity:
Our students participate in volleyball, tee ball, cricket, netball and soccer competitions in teams coached by parents. Students also participate in classroom based fitness as well as whole school dance and fitness sessions. Activities are also offered at lunchtimes.

Our students participate in the Festival of Music Choir, and instrumental music teachers visit the school to teach students.

Student Leadership: 
The school promotes student leadership through a senior Student Voice Leadership team and a Junior SRC. The Student Voice Leadership team is offered to Year 6 and 7 students. Students can apply for positions of School Leader, Leadership Executive and officers in 3 portfolios - Special Events, Fundraising and Environment. Students from Reception to Year 5 can participate in a Junior SRC. Representativs from each class attend fortnightly meetings to discuss a variety of matters relating to school and student activities.  

Buddy Support:
Senior students buddy and support younger students in formal and informal classroom activities, in the yard and whole school activities. New enrolments to the school are allocated a "class buddy" to help them settle into their new school environment.  

Learning for Life:
All students participate in whole school programs to develop life skills in such areas as getting along, working with others, resilience, assertiveness, problem solving, organisation, persistence and values education. All students are trained in Program Achieve and Restorative Approaches. In 2008 we implemented Play is the Way, Year 4-7, to develop students skills working collaboratively with their class.

Communications Technology: 
All classes have access to the filtered Internet and email service provided to all DECS schools. Students have their own folders for saving work on our intranet, available in the Resource Centre, classrooms and teaching areas. Students participate in online activities and use these technologies across the learning areas. All students access  electronic whiteboards in classrooms and the Resource Centre.

Environmental Sustainability:
Our School has attained WOW or Wipe Out Waste status from KESAB, for our work in reducing waste going to landfill.  Student action teams manage the recycling and reuse of paper, packaging, cartridges, glass, drink and deposit containers. The Primary Years (Yr 2-4) students cares for our food garden, and collects fruit and veg scraps from classrooms to feed our worms and build our compost.


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